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Investors Are Discovering a Legal, Ethical, and Secured
Goldmine in Today’s Real Estate Market!

The Private Bank Concept is one of the fastest growing strategies investors are using to receive a higher return secured by real estate.
So, what exactly is a “private bank?” In simple terms, it is when an individual (not a financial institution) lends money for real estate transactions. For example, an individual can invest money from their IRA or other investment capital with a real estate investor on a specific property and in return the IRA earns interest at the agreed upon rate and terms. Since the IRAs are an exempt entity, interest earned on the money invested is tax-free or tax-deferred, depending on the type of IRA. One of the most effective is the Self-Directed IRA!

 What is a Self-Directed IRA?

  1. An Individual Retirement Account (or IRA) is a personal savings account that provides Tax-Deferred or Tax-Free savings.
  2. A self-directed IRA is any type of IRA that allows you to invest in assets other than just stocks, mutual funds, and CDs.
  3. Most brokerage firms and banks don’t offer this service because they do not have a financial incentive to do so.

How does an IRA benefit me?

  1. Tax-free or tax-deferred growth
  2. Power of compounding interest
  3. Huge tax deductions
  4. Protects your hard earned assets
  5. Essential estate planning tool

What Can I Invest in?

  1. Stocks, Bonds, Mutual Funds
  2. Raw Land
  3. Single Family Homes/Condos
  4. Apartments/Duplexes
  5. Commercial Property
  6. Equipment Leasing
  7. Real Estate Notes/Mortgages
  8. Tax Liens
  9. Foreign Currency

Two Investment Paths

  1. Active > Invest directly in the asset of your choice (real estate, tax liens, equipment)
  2. Passive > Loan your investment funds to another party to invest

What is a Private Mortgage Loan?

  1. Mortgage loan funded by
    • Private Individuals
    • Retirement Funds
  2. Produces predictable income stream to the private lender
  3. Mortgage lien provides security, protection and recourse

Who could help me with this type of IRA?
NuView IRA, Inc...

  1. Founded in 2003 by Glen Mather
  2. Principals of NuView are all Certified IRA Services Professionals, and have combined 25 years experience in self-direction
  3. Extensively Trained Staff
  4. All un-invested funds are FDIC insured to $250,000
  5. Offices in Fort Lauderdale and Lake Mary, FL
  6. All transactions are processed locally for faster transaction times

How it Works: 

  1. Open and Fund IRA
    • Contribute to the account
    • Rollover/transfer funds from another custodian
  2. Find an Individual or Entity Interested in Borrowing Money
    • Make sure you are not lending to a disqualified individual
  3. Submit Promissory Note Purchase Authorization Letter to Request Funding
    • Sign Document
  4. Send Original Promissory Note and Security Document to NuView IRA for Safe Keeping
  5. Funds are Sent to Borrow

Create a Fortune Investing in Promissory Notes with a Self-Directed IRA
You can invest in almost anything with a truly self-directed IRA, including promissory notes (like being the private lender holding the mortgage on a property owned by Miami Property Solutions LLC). NuView IRA, Inc. allows you to take advantage of the wealth creating benefits of Self-Directed IRA’s (tax-free profits and large tax deductions) investing in what you what. Since 2003, NuView IRA’s self-directed IRA experts have assisted investors in creating tax-free wealth on all of their deals, while securing their financial future.
Investing in Promissory Notes FAQ’s
Q: How is the promissory note investment titled?
A: Since the IRA owns the investment, it is titled as follows: “NuView IRA, Inc. FBO (Your Name)’s IRA”
Q: How much does it cost to keep a promissory note in my account?
A: Please download NuView IRA’s detailed fee schedule here:
Q: Who can I loan money to?
A: Anyone that is not a disqualified individual (this includes yourself, spouse, ancestor, lineal descendant, and any spouse of lineal descendant).
Q: Can I loan money to a company?
A: Yes. As long as you or any disqualified individual does not own 50% or more of the company nor are they a managing member.
Q: How do I secure the note?
A: Anything that is of value to you can be secured with a note.
Q: What terms should I have on my promissory note?
A: This is up to you and the borrower. You can set it up many different ways. You could have them pay your IRA back in one payment (a balloon payment), quarterly, monthly, etc.
Who do I contact to easily set-up this type of IRA?    
To see how this can work for you, contact:
Primary Contact: Tyler Carter
Phone: (407) 367-3472, Ext 106
Email: tcarter@nuviewira.com
Secondary Contact: Lauren Joos, Marketing Specialist
Phone: (407) 367-3472, Ext. 104
Email: ljoos@nuviewira.com

To answer specific questions about investing in real estate contact:  

Contact: Eddie Miller, CEO
Phone: 305 807 4045

Contact: Alekxey Sabido, VIce President & Realtor (Espa
Phone: 305 807 4068

Email: ContactUs@MPSinvestors.com 


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